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BLITZcast #133: Sam Vs Alex  (#133 on iTunes)  (7/1/10) 84 Minutes, 32 Seconds 

The guys discuss how good the Jets and the Steelers will be this upcoming season.  Sam and Alex faceoff against each other in a segment called "GameTime". They also continue to list their top 25 teams in College Football (teams #6-10 this week).  They end the show by talking about NBA free agency.  

BLITZcast #132: Terrelle Pryor Hype  (#132 on iTunes)  (6/17/10) 79 Minutes, 08 Seconds 

Alex, Anshu and Sam start the show by answering a few emails.  Then they talk about the NBA Finals, the World Cup, the ongoing saga in the Big 12 conference and their top 5 teams in college football next season.  They list their top prospects in the Big 10 conference for the 2011 draft.  The guys strongly believe that Terrelle Pryor will have a huge breakout season.  At the end of the show, the guys can't seem to agree about an AFC West team that will be much more improved next year.

BLITZcast #131: They Are Back  (#131 on iTunes)  (6/10/10) 63 Minutes, 35 Seconds 

The guys are back after taking the week off.  They are eager to talk about Dwayne Bowe, LenDale White and Randy Moss.  They discuss fantasy RB options for the 2010 season.  They list their top RB's for the 2011 draft. 

BLITZcast #130: It's Game Time, Baby (#130 on iTunes)  (5/27/10) 55 Minutes, 39 Seconds 

Sam, Alex and Anshu list their top eligible QB's for the 2011 draft.  They also go through their best Pac 10 prospects to watch out for this year.  They introduce a new segment called "Game Time" where Alex and Anshu were involved in a fierce debate against one another on a number of interesting topics.  At the end, they discuss the fantasy impact of a couple RB's including Leon Washington and Thomas Jones for the 2010 season.       

BLITZcast #129: Best Draft Ever (#129 on iTunes)  (5/20/10) 87 Minutes, 35 Seconds 

At the top of the show, Anshu, Alex and Sam talk about LT, Ryan Mathews and the Steelers' QB situation.  They give out their grades for the AFC East and NFC East divisions.  They go through the best and worst picks of the 6th and 7th rounds.     

BLITZcast #128: The Jaguars Get A Failing Grade  (#128 on iTunes)  (5/13/10) 70 Minutes, 54 Seconds 

The guys start the show by answering a few emails.  Then they discuss the hot topics around the NFL including Brian Cushing and the signing of PacMan Jones.  They hand out their grades for the NFC and AFC South divisions.  Anshu, Alex and Sam all agree that the Jaguars had the worst draft.  At the end, they talk about the best and worst picks of the 4th and 5th rounds. 

BLITZcast #127: The Ghost Of Alex  (#127 on iTunes)  (5/6/10) 92 Minutes, 44 Seconds 

Sam and Anshu are joined by Chris Horwedel on BlitzCast's second post-draft episode. The gentlemen answer e-mails, grade out the drafts of  the AFC and NFC West divisions, and talk about the best, and worst, 2nd and 3rd round picks. Alex Khvatov's disembodied robot voice also makes a cameo on the show. Confused? Listen in to find out what we mean on this hi-jinx filled edition of BlitzCast.

BLITZcast #126: Grading The AFC and NFC North  (#126 on iTunes)  (4/29/10) 69 Minutes, 40 Seconds 

Anshu, Sam and Alex answer some emails at the beginning of the show and talk briefly about current NFL news.  Then they review the overall draft and discuss the best and worst picks of the first round.  They also give out grades for the AFC and NFC North divisions.   

BLITZcast #125: 2010 Draft Special  (#125 on iTunes)  (4/15/10) 125 Minutes, 04 Seconds 

Sam, Alex and Anshu are joined by Chris Horwedel on this episode of Blitzcast.  They discuss the best, most overrated and underrated players at each position.  They also talk about who they feel will be the best player out of this draft in three years.  The interview this week is with UMass safety Eric Dickson.  

BLITZcast #124: Russell Okung Interview  (#124 on iTunes)  (4/8/10) 63 Minutes, 47 Seconds 

The guys discuss the top draft needs for the Redskins, Bucs, Lions and Rams.  They focus on some more Pro Days.  They also answer some emails.  Sam Lockett interviews OT Russell Okung of Oklahoma State.

 BLITZcast #123: The Dez Bryant Show  (#123 on iTunes)  (4/1/10) 55 Minutes, 07 Seconds 

Sam, Anshu and Alex are all back together this week and they focus their attention on listeners' emails.  They talk at length about Dez Bryant's Pro Day and his pro potential.  They all agree that Sam Bradford is now the clear cut #1 pick in the 2010 Draft.  They discuss the top draft needs for Raiders, Browns, Seahawks and Chiefs.   

BLITZcast #122: Shocking Rankings  (#122 on iTunes)  (3/25/10) 96 Minutes, 04 Seconds 

Alex and Anshu discuss the possible return of Pacman Jones to the NFL, Brandon Marshall, and Philly's QB trade rumors.  They mention top draft needs for the Bears, Panthers, Dolphins, Broncos, Jaguars and Bills.  They provide you with all of the updated news on Pro Days.  Alex and Anshu also give you their updated rankings on some positions.  At the end, they deliver their parting shots on Tim Tebow and Dez Bryant.

BLITZcast #121: Trouble At Oregon  (#121 on iTunes)  (3/18/10) 66 Minutes, 06 Seconds 

Sam and Alex are joined by Chris Horwedel for only a few minutes this week.  Then they talk about Pro Days and the trouble at Oregon.  They also discuss first round draft needs for  the Titans, Giants, Seahawks and 49ers.  Brady Quinn deal, Jake Delhomme signing and LT to the Jets are hot topics of the conversation at the end of the show.        

BLITZcast: Travelle Gaines Interview  (BC on iTunes)  (3/15/10) 15 Minutes, 15 Seconds 

- The guys talk with top trainer
Travelle Gaines.

BLITZcast #120: Free Agency In Full Swing  (#120 on iTunes)  (3/11/10) 66 Minutes, 11 Seconds 

It is Alex and Anshu this week as they spent the majority of the show talking about early free agent signings including Peppers, Dansby and Rolle.  They discuss the top draft needs for the 49ers, Steelers, Falcons and Texans.  They also debate what the Rams should do with that number one pick.    

BLITZcast #119: Buzzing About The Combine  (#119 on iTunes)  (2/25/10) 89 Minutes, 48 Seconds 

Chris Horwedel joins the guys this week, and the talk is centered around the Combine.  They focus on players that helped and hurt themselves the most during the week.  They discuss biggest draft needs for the Packers, Eagles, Patriots and Bengals.  They answer a few emails from the listeners and turn their attention to the free agency period. 

BLITZcast #117: The Man Behind The Scene 
(#117 on iTunes
)  (2/18/10) 89 Minutes, 48 Seconds 
The trio is back this week at full strength and they turn their attention to the Combine.  They talk about players who they feel will shine, disappoint and have the most to prove at Indy. They list their best available small school prospects in this year's draft.  They end the show by discussing top draft needs for the Saints, Colts, Vikings and the Jets.         

BLITZcast #116: Sam's Back  (#116 on iTunes)  (2/11/10) 55 Minutes, 57 Seconds 
It is only Sam and Alex this week as they recap the Super Bowl. They also discuss the Texas vs The Nation Game and the players who helped and hurt their draft stock during the All-Star games.

BLITZcast #115: Senior Bowl Recap  (#115 on iTunes)  (2/4/10) 108 Minutes, 54 Seconds 

- Alex and Anshu preview the Super Bowl without Sam this week.  Then they recap the Senior Bowl.  They run through each position at a time, discuss the Tim Tebow hype and talk about their risers/fallers. 

BLITZcast #114: With Sam And Anshu  (#114 on iTunes)  (1/30/10) 62 Minutes, 25 Seconds 

- Just two thirds of the team this week as Alex was held back by conflicting schedules. However, Sam and Anshu go in-depth in the East West Shrine game and talk about the players you should be watching for. The boys also talk a little about the AFC/NFC championship games and just a hint of the upcoming Super Bowl. All that and more on this edition of BLITZcast.

BLITZcast #113: Taylor Mays Argument 
(#113 on iTunes)  (1/21/10) 101 Minutes, 41 Seconds 

- Sam, Alex and Anshu are joined by WR Brandon Banks of Kansas State this week.  The guys talk about the NFL playoffs, Gaines Adams and Ed Reed.  They discuss the East/West Shrine Game and the top 10 safeties available in this year's draft.  At the end of the show, a long argument breaks out about Taylor Mays' pro potential.       

BLITZcast #112: McFadden Stops By  (#112 on iTunes)  (1/14/10) 111 Minutes, 09 Seconds

- CB Walter McFadden of Auburn is the guest this week.  Then the guys discuss Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin and the whole soap opera surrounding USC.  They also give their predictions for the Divisional Playoff Games this weekend and recap the BCS Championship Game.  They end the show talking about all of the underclassmen that have declared for the 2010 Draft.               

BLITZcast #111: And The Winner Is  (#111 on iTunes)  (1/7/10) 74 Minutes, 07 Seconds

- Anshu will join the guys every week from now on as the third member of the Blitzcast team.  The guys have plenty to talk about this week including the Redskins, RB Chris Johnson, Mike Leach and the NFL wild-card games.  They also discuss the BCS Championship Game and give their opinions on the top CB's available in this year's draft.  They answer a couple of emails and interview a very intelligent Arizona cornerback Devin Ross.        

BLITZcast #110: Dexter Is In The House 
(#110 on iTunes
)  (12/31/09) 84 Minutes, 13 Seconds

- Sam and Alex are joined by Anshu this week.  They talk about the playoff picture in the AFC, Jake Delhomme and Urban Meyer.  They also discuss some of the Pro Bowl snubs.  The trio pick their winners for the BCS Bowl Games and run through their lists of the best OLB's and ILB's available in the 2010 draft.  Dynamic playmaker Dexter McCluster of Ole Miss is the guest on this week's show.      

BLITZcast #109: The Chicago Paradigm  (#109 on iTunes)  (12/24/09) 84 Minutes, 13 Seconds

- Chris Horwedel and Alex Khvatov are joined by Ryan Walker this week.  The trio tackle a number of topics including Jay Cutler, Mike Holmgren and Chris Henry.  They talk about the underclassmen that have declared for the draft thus far and possible sleepers to keep an eye on.  They go through their lists of the top available DE's and DT's.  RB William Ford of South Carolina State is gracious enough to join the guys this week.   

BLITZcast #108: Talking Browns With Mike
(#108 on iTunes)  (12/17/09) 82 Minutes, 17 Seconds

- Sam and Alex are joined by Mike Daniels this week.  The trio talk about the Browns and the NFL playoff picture.  They discuss Mark Ingram winning the Heisman, Jake Locker staying in school, Arrelious Benn turning pro, Brian Kelly getting the head coaching gig at Notre Dame and on whether Turner Gill is an instant hit at Kansas.  They go through their lists of the top OT's, OG's and Centers available in the 2010 Draft.  They also interview Baylor's safety Jordan Lake and Western Illinois' CB Patrick Stoudamire.   

BLITZcast #107: Sam And Alex Are Talking Toledo (#107 on iTunes)  (12/10/09) 84 Minutes, 49 Seconds

- On BC 107 Sam and Alex talk NFL Play-offs, NcAA Bowl Games and a ton more. Also receiver Stephen Williams and defensive back Barry Church stop by and talk about what the next few months are going to be like. All that and so much more on this Toledo edition of BLITZcast.

BLITZcast #106: Special Guests This Week (#106 on iTunes)  (12/3/09) 97 Minutes, 49 Seconds

- The guys talk about Bobby Bowden and the state of Notre Dame football.  They answer a few emails and help clear up the playoff picture in the NFL.  Sam and Alex interview Troy's QB Levi Brown this week.  Then they are joined by NFLDB President Chris Horwedel, and the trio discuss everything that you want to know about the NFL Draft.  They also pick the big games this weekend in College Football.       

BLITZcast #105: In Bill We Trust (#105 on iTunes)  (11/20/09) 57 Minutes, 40 Seconds

- At the start of the show, the duo talks about Bill Belichick's curious call at the end of the Colts' game.  Sam and Alex run through the NFL news including Larry Johnson and the Bills.  They also hand out their midseason NFL awards.  They discuss the coaches that are on the hot seat in College Football and give their scouting reports on QB Dan LeFevour and DL Carlos Dunlap.   

BLITZcast #104: The Curse of Crabtree (#104 on iTunes)  (11/12/09) 64 Minutes, 45 Seconds

- Alex and Sam decide to revisit their preseason NFL predictions.  They also run through the teams that they think will make the BCS Bowls and which teams will eventually play in the Championship Game.  They give their scouting reports on RB Jonathan Dwyer and LB Brandon Spikes this week.  They talk about the Michael Crabtree curse that is haunting the 49ers right now and answer emails.

BLITZcast #103: Hall of Fame Bound Receivers
(#103 on iTunes)  (11/5/09) 73 Minutes, 54 Seconds

- This week the guys turn their focus on the current receivers who might be worthy of the Half of Fame.  They talk at length about the future of RB Larry Johnson and the Bucs franchise.  They answer a few emails.  Sam and Alex finish the show by discussing their favorites for the Heisman and the impact freshmen in College Football.    

BLITZcast #102: Fighting The Cold
(#102 on iTunes)  (10/29/09) 54 Minutes, 40 Seconds

- Sam and Alex put QB's Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy under the microscope this week.  They talk about the BCS, speculate about who will play in the National Championship Game and give their list of the Top 10 College QB's of all-time.  They also discuss the top teams in the NFL and the state of the Redskins right now. 

BLITZcast #101: Focusing On Emails (#101 on iTunes)  (10/16/09) 80 Minutes, 08 Seconds

- Sam and Alex answer a few emals from the listeners in the beginning of the show.  They discuss the NFL including Rush Limbaugh, the Carolina Panthers and the possible deals at the trading deadline.  They talk about rising and falling prospects for the NFL Draft.  They scout Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant and TCU DE/OLB Jerry Hughes this week.

BLITZcast #100: Sort Of A Big Extravaganza (#100 on iTunes)  (10/8/09) 72 Minutes. 42 Seconds

- Sam and Alex welcome the current hosts of the NFLDB Radio Tony Conty and Chris Horwedel to the show.  The guys give their opinions about this early NFL season.  They discuss the favorites right now in all of the major college football conferences, and the coaches that could get fired at the end of the season.  Sam breaks the news of WR Dez Bryant getting suspended, and this starts an argument among the guys about his projected 40 time while Chris peacefully watches the Phillies' playoff game. 

 BLITZcast #99: NFL Starting QBs Aren't Safe (#99 on iTunes)  (10/1/09) 70 Minutes. 31 Seconds

- Sam and Alex talk about NFL QB's that have lost their starting jobs and some that deserve to be benched.  They discuss top 10 college football teams that lost this past week.  They pick some games this week and talk about all of the injuries that have happened so far.  They finish the show by mentioning the Biggest Defensive Busts of the NFL Draft in the 21st Century.

 BLITZcast #98: Chris' Cameo (#98 on iTunes)  (9/24/09) 75 Minutes. 20 Seconds

- The guys begin the show by answering a few emails from the listeners.  They talk about WR Dez Bryant.  They discuss the early happenings in the NFL and their formula for fixing the Lions.  Then Sam and Alex are joined by NFLDB president Chris Horwedel, and the trio have an in-depth discussion about week 3 of the college football season and the draft prospects. 

 BLITZcast #97: OK Matt Barkley Is Impressive (#97 on iTunes)  (9/18/09) 82 Minutes. 05 Seconds

- After watching week two of College Football, both Sam and Alex gush about the performances of Matt Barkley and Tate Forcier.  They recap week one of the NFL season and preview a couple of games for week two.  They talk about the Browns and what this ailing franchise can do to get back to their winning ways.  The player spotlight this week is on QB Jimmy Clausen and LB Rolondo McClain.

BLITZcast #96: The Punch Heard Around The World (#96 on iTunes)  (9/10/09) 76 Minutes. 09 Seconds

- This week Sam and Alex discuss the latest on Michael Vick, NFL final roster cuts, the Richard Seymour trade and what the Raiders can do to fix their struggling franchise.  They give predictions on a couple of NFL and college football games for the upcoming week.  They talk about the trouble that RB LaGarette Blount and the Oklahoma Sooners have gotten into.  In conclusion, they give their top 10 NFL offensive busts of the 21st century.

BLITZcast #95: Who Wins The Super Bowl (#95 on iTunes)  (9/3/09) 89 Minutes. 58 Seconds

- At the start of the show, the guys focus on Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan program.  They preview a few big college football games this weekend including the clash between Oklahoma State and Georgia.  They talk about the top NFL draft eligible prospects in the SEC and the PAC 10.  Sam and Alex also give their NFL predictions for this upcoming season.  They finish the show talking about safeties in the 2009 and 2010 draft.  

BLITZcast #94: The Gators Are Number One (#94 on iTunes)
  [8/27/09) 65 Minutes. 17 Seconds

- The boys spend a lot of time talking about the NFL including Ocho Cinco, Aqib Talib and the QB battles.  Then Sam gives us his Top 10 in College Football.  They talk about Notre Dame and Charlie Weis.  They discuss the top players in the Big 10 and Big 12 Conferences.  They go over the CB's that were chosen in the 09 draft and preview the class of 2010.  Also they talk about the possibility of Usain Bolt playing in the NFL.  

BLITZcast #93: The One After The Bye Weeks (#93 on iTunes)  [8/19/09) 82 Minutes. 55 Seconds

- Sam and Alex have been away for two weeks, but now they are back to discuss Brett Favre, Michael Vick and other NFL news.  They talk about QB's Terrelle Pryor, Matt Barkley and preview their Top 25 teams in College Football.  They look at the top players in the ACC and the Big East that are available for the 2010 Draft.  The guys tackle the ILB's that were selected in the 2009 Draft and look ahead to the 2010 class.  They also talk about their Fantasy Football league.    

BLITZcast #92: Tony Conty Returns (#92 on iTunes)  [7/30/09) 73 Minutes. 04 Seconds

- The guys preview the AFC North and welcome Tony Conty back to the show where he gets to talk about his Steelers. They discuss Roger Goodell's decision to move the NFL Draft into PrimeTime. They focus on prospects that have gotten in trouble with the law in the off-season. They break down the OLB's in this year's Draft and look ahead to the 2010 class. They have yet another guest on the show in former Utah QB Brian Johnson.

BLITZcast #91: Keep A Close Eye On Antwine Perez (#91 on iTunes)  [7/22/09) 68 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Sam and Alex welcome Terps safety Antwine Perez to the show this week who discusses the upcoming season with the guys.  They discuss NFL news including the Supplemental Draft.  They talk about the sophomore studs in the NFL that are ready to break out this season.  They engage in an argument over Vernon Gholston as they preview the AFC East.  In the end, they discuss the 2010 class of defensive tackles.

BLITZcast #90: The Lions Den With Andre Fluellen (#90 on iTunes)  [7/16/09) 61 Minutes. 10 Seconds

- Lions defensive tackle Andre Fluellen comes on to talk about why they wont be 0-16 and the end of the 09' season. He also discuses the young talent on the offensive side of the ball. Sam and Alex then breakdown the AFC South and tell you why the Texans are tough and the Colts are cowards. They end the show with the most overrated first round picks in the 2009 draft in this edition of BLITZcast.

BLITZcast #89: Broncos Talk With Wesley (#89 on iTunes)  [7/8/09) 72 Minutes. 13 Seconds

- Sam and Alex have an extra long conversation with Broncos LB Wesley Woodyard. The boys also talk a little about the two great faces the game of football has recently lost in Coach Ed Thomas and QB Steve McNair. They then move to the AFC West and DE's in this edition of BLITZcast.

BLITZcast #88: Interview With Brandon Lang (#88 on iTunes)  [7/2/09) 61 Minutes. 04 Seconds

- Sam and Alex break down the NFC East and QB Tony Romo. They also take a look at the top 25 players of the decade and a look ahead at players that might be on the next all decade team. Sam talks with Troy DE Brandon Lang and the boys remember the late Ed Thomas on this edition of BLITZcast.

BLITZcast #87: Thomas Brown Joins The Guys (#87 on iTunes)  [6/25/09) 62 Minutes. 06 Seconds

- Sam and Alex interview Falcons' running back Thomas Brown this week.  They preview the NFC South division and are involved in a couple of heated debates when it comes to Josh Freeman and Jake Delhomme.  They talk about freshmen that will have the biggest impact in the 2009 College Football season.  Don't forget about Ryan Leaf and Peter Warrick.      

BLITZcast #86: Sam And Alex Fight (#86 on iTunes)  [6/18/09) 65 Minutes. 11 Seconds

- Sam and Alex throw down when it comes to Percy Harvin and the NFC North. Marshall and Stallworth head up the NFL news. Alex gives a shout out to LA and baseball's "chosen one". The draft talk is centered around the O-line.

BLITZcast #85: A Whole New Ballgame (#85 on iTunes)  [6/10/09) 57 Minutes. 55 Seconds

- On their first show alone Alex and Sam talked about the top stories around the NFL."Favre" They also talked about the WR's and TE's taken in '09 and gave a preview of next year's class. Find out how the NFC west will fare in 2009 in this jam packed edition of BLITZcast.   

BLITZcast #84: The End Of The Beginning (#84 on iTunes)  [6/6/09) 65 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Times up for Chris, Tony and JR with the show as they move on to the radio show next week.  We see the guys say goodbye to BLITZcast with Alex Khvatov and Sam Lockett stepping into the hosting duties.  Amongst the topics discussed this week are what to do with Vince Young, favorite BLITZcast guest hosts, NFL news, the NBA finals and more.

BLITZcast #83.5: The Test Show (#83.5 on iTunes)  [5/30/09) 108 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- On this test show Alex, Sam, and Chris talked about the "Fumble" that was the Raiders draft, Also about the QB's and HB's taken in the 09" draft and The QB's and HB's to watch in the 10" draft. As well as the top Coaching and free-agent moves in this years off-season. And of course the top news around the NFL.

BLITZcast #83: JR Hates Chaz Schilens (#83 on iTunes)  [5/28/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Tony re-joins Chris and JR this week; at the top of the show the guys talk about an article which names wide receivers who could be poised to break out next season.  After that they talk about college teams who have looked the best throughout the spring, how off-the-field issues may effect the Florida State Seminoles, Roger Goddell's decision not to suspend Matt Jones and the top 5 NFL teams heading into next season.

BLITZcast #82: "Body, Shut Up" (#82 on iTunes)  [5/21/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Sam Lockett fills in for Tony his week.  Sam, Chris and JR talk about the future of the show, the beginning of a new era in television excellence (staring Michael Irvin), the pros and cons of a rookie salary scale and they look towards next year's draft by ranking the top 32 seniors, top 20 juniors and naming players who they expect to break out.

BLITZcast #81: Grading The NFC Drafts (#81 on iTunes)  [5/14/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Tony re-joins Chris and JR this week.  The guys wrap up their initial draft review by taking a look at and grading the drafts of each of the NFC teams.  As things finish quicker than expected, Tony has JR and Chris try and name the top 30 jerks in the history of professional sports. 

BLITZcast #80: Grading The AFC Drafts (#80 on iTunes)  [5/7/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Chris and JR are joined by Houston Texans team columnist Ed Marcinkiewicz and podcasting upstart Sam Lockett this week.  The guys take turns breaking down and grading the drafts of each team in the AFC.  As well as talking about Dan Orlovsky and the Texans talent evaluations as well as new(ish) Chiefs Matt Cassel and how he'll face in KC.  The show came in a little short this week, so we finally tossed in some tags 2009 draftees were kind enough to record for us.  So listen closely for those.

BLITZcast #79: The One After The Draft (#79 on iTunes)  [4/30/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- Chris, Tony and JR open the show by talking about how much they hate the idea of the draft being spread over the course of three days in the future.  Following that they look at the players they considered to be the biggest steals and biggest reaches.  The players who enter the NFL in the best situations, as well as the worst.  The undrafted free agents who could help an NFL team and much more.

BLITZcast #78: The One Before The Draft (#78 on iTunes)  [4/23/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

*We're currently looking for a fresh voice to be part of a new podcast we're developing.  Click here if you think you're that person.

- Alex Khvatov joins Chris, Tony and J.R. for the last BLITZcast prior to the 2009 draft.   Along with a few other things, the guys go through the first round pick by pick and work together to predict how things will play out. 

BLITZcast #77: Those Wow Picks (#77 on iTunes)  [4/16/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- A newly married Tony returns to re-joins Chris and J.R. this week. The guys talk about the league inviting 10 prospects to the draft, which of the fast risers this off-season will be the best pro, which character issues are overblown among the prospects, which projected first-rounders don't deserve to be there and they go back over the last 10 drafts and name the first pick that made them say wow out of surprise.  Finally, they rate the top 10 TE, OT and OG prospects over the past ten years. 

BLITZcast #76: Wedding Bliss And First Round Misses (#76 on iTunes)  [4/9/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- With Tony away, having given only the flimsy excuse of getting married, Chris and J.R. do the duo thing this week.  They talk about what recent substance abuse accusations will mean for Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, etc.  They talk about our responsibilities as a site to report the facts and not speculate wildly, as well as the best way to build an football team.  The boys wrap things up with the first in a multi-part series of ranking the first round picks at each position as prospects over the past 10 years, up today are quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. 

BLITZcast #75: Over Picked And Under Appreciated (#75 on iTunes)  [4/2/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- This week the guys talk about which quarterback is most likely to be overdrafted, which wide receiver will be a steal due to sub par workouts and which tight end in this class would you most want on your team. They pick a player you think will be great, one that will be good and one that will be a bust from the 2009 draft. The guys pick out the most likely trade scenarios on or before draft day and predict who will be this year's Chris Horton and who will be this year's Vernon Gholston.

BLITZcast #74: JR's Return From Yale  (#74 on iTunes)  [3/26/09) 60 Minutes. 00 Seconds

- JR re-joins Chris and Tony after nearly a month away.  The guys talk about players who are likely to be over picked because of their off-season workouts, the never ending drama that is Brady Quinn, Matt Stafford's pro day and the overall importance of good wonderlic scores, lower rated players who seem like locks to be drafted, the top 3 draft-eligible quarterback prospects for the 2010 draft and a whole lot more. 

BLITZcast #73: Tony, Me And Miller Makes 3  (#73 on iTunes)  [3/19/09) 58 Minutes. 58 Seconds

- Matt Miller makes his return to NFL Draft Blitz official this week as he joins Chris and Tony for the podcast. The guys talk about the teams who have helped themselves this off-season, teams who still need quarterbacks, possible surprise first round picks and players who could slide out of the opening frame, the importance of player's pro days, sleeper running backs and much more.

BLITZcast #72: Our Own Little Prison  (#72 on iTunes)  [3/13/09) 69 Minutes. 55 Seconds

- With J.R. still away, Chris and Tony fight on. The guys talk about the latest NFL news including where Jason Taylor could end up, major names being cut and a generally uninteresting free agency period so far.  In a rare situation, the site's mock draft was posted prior to this week's show, so the guys go through and Tony explains his rationale for certain selections.  They wrap things up with some quick talk about Pat White.

BLITZcast #71: The Replacement Players  (#71 on iTunes)  [3/5/09) 65 Minutes. 33 Seconds

- With both Tony and J.R. unavailable for the show this week, Chris gets the opportunity to welcome back two of the most popular guests he's had on Four Down Territory, Greg Crone and Matt Paris.  The guys talk about the biggest surprises so far in free agency, the best and worst FA signings, teams that could take a step up next season, the Broncos situation with Jay Cutler and much more.  As well as some Heroes and LOST discussion at the beginning of the show.

BLITZcast #70: The One Without J.R.  (#70 on iTunes)  [2/27/09) 82 Minutes. 38 Seconds

- J.R. misses his first show since becoming a regular nearly a year ago, but Chris and Tony attempt to chug along anyway.  After a brief movie related (and Quentin Tarantino heavy) chat at the beginning, the boys move on to talking about where the top unrestricted free agents could end up as well as re-capping who helped and hurt themselves the most at each position during the combine. 

BLITZcast #69: The Ghost In The Machine  (#69 on iTunes)  [2/19/09) 79 Minutes. 02 Seconds

- Before they do battle with the almighty gods of technology, Tony, Chris and J.R. talk about NFL teams who's use of their franchise tags confuses us, whether or not the league should adjust their post-season timetable, players that could rise or fall the most after their combine performances, players who are making the right/wrong choice by participating amd why football seems to get a pass when it comes to steroids. 

BLITZcast #68: Football, Insanity, and more!  (#68 on iTunes)  [2/12/09) 87 Minutes. 53 Seconds

- When you do a show week after week, there are going to be times when things don't go as planned and for better or worse, this is one of those shows.  In-between other tangents, Chris, Tony and J.R. talk about big names that could be cut in the near future, NFL team's that could look very different very soon, free agents who could make a drastic difference on their new team, can't miss prospects and much more. 

BLITZcast #67: Early Onset Alzheimers  (#67 on iTunes)  [2/06/09) 88 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- Chris and J.R. are joined by Jets columnist AJ Laferrera this week.  The guys talk about adding another college all-star game, more players getting in trouble and the 2009 Hall Of Fame class before being joined by Tony Conty mid-show.  Following that the foursome discuss players who aren't in the hall of fame that should be and those who are that shouldn't be, players in the Super Bowl who are closest to the HOF and they wrap thign sup by predicting where this year's top free agents could land. 

BLITZcast #66: Turf Wars  (#66 on iTunes)  [1/30/09) 77 Minutes. 07 Seconds

- It's a four-man show today as Chris, J.R. and Tony are joined by Alex Khvatov this week.  After a lengthy argument between Alex and Tony over the value of Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew, the guys dive head first into the Senior Bowl.  J.R. handles the south, Alex handles the north and Tony gives overviews for each position.  Together they give you the good, the bad and the ugly of Senior Bowl 2009.

BLITZcast #65: Now Medicare Eligible  (#65 on iTunes)  [1/22/09) 74 Minutes. 45 Seconds

- Tony and J. R. attempt a Senior Bowl preview while gloating and basking in the glory of the Pittsburgh Steelers' 7th trip to the Super Bowl.  They discuss the players that could both help and hurt themselves during the Senior Bowl week, the individuals who are higher ranked on their list than those compose by alleged experts, the players who appear to be made for 3-4 defenses, and the need for change in the rules for the Senior Bowl.  They close up by providing Outside Linebacker rankings.  

BLITZcast #64: He's Staying In School?  (#64 on iTunes)  [1/15/09) 80 Minutes. 47 Seconds

- Chris, Tony and J.R. spend time at the top of the show reviewing the underclassmen announcements since last weeks show.  After that Tony reads his would-be wikipedia page, the guys talk about the best rivalries in football today, the most intriguing Super Bowl match-ups and they rate the top QB's and rookies remaining in the playoffs.  They also name the sports clichĂ©s that need to be retired and the unlikely players who'll make an impact in the divisional championship.  J.R. wraps things up by giving his DT rankings. 

BLITZcast #63: He's Gonna Retire Anyway  (#63 on iTunes)  [1/8/09) 82 Minutes. 49 Seconds

- Chris rejoins Tony and J.R. this week and talks quickly about why he's been absent for the past couple of shows.  Following that, the guys talk about how Utah would fare if they played Florida for the National Championship, talk about the players who helped/hurt themselves the most this bowl season, name the players who made a mistake by staying in school or leaving early, discuss coach firings and much more.  Tony wraps up the show by sharing his defensive end rankings. 

BLITZcast #62: Just The Two Of Us  (#62 on iTunes)  [1/4/09) 69 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- J. R. and Tony dole out year end awards, from players of the year to coach of the year and make their predictions for the playoffs.  They explore the merits of voting for each of these awards in reality and crown two individuals Comeback Players of the Year.  They discuss the teams that have both surprised and disappointed them and end the show by giving their Center rankings.  

BLITZcast #61: Better Late Than Never  (#61 on iTunes)  [12/29/08) 68 Minutes. 27 Seconds

- J.R. and Tony go the duo route for the show this week with Chris unavailable.  The topics they cover include Most likely wildcard team to advance to the Super Bowl, players who could have breakout postseasons in the NFL, the worst injuries they're ever seen and which underclassmen are making the wrong decision by leaving school.  They also ask if the "hot at the right time' theory is valid and predict the prospects who will see their stock rise the most in the post season.

BLITZcast #60: Bowl Games Preview 2  (#60 on iTunes)  [12/18/08) 109 Minutes. 03 Seconds

- Tony, Chris and J.R. talk a little but at the top of the show about Kevin Newsome signing with PSU and Keanu Reeves career before moving into part of of their bowl games preview, in which he look at the final 17 games of the bowl season.  Topics include the top senior to watch during the game, the top underclassmen, the team with the most to gain and the top individual match-ups. They also predict the game's likely winner and eventual MVP. 

BLITZcast #59: Bowl Games Preview 1  (#59 on iTunes)  [12/11/08) 93 Minutes. 54 Seconds

- Tony, Chris and J.R. open up the show by talking about the lack of early entries thus far this off-season and then move into hardcore bowl game preview mode.  Amongst other tidbits, the guys talk about the top senior to watch during the game, the top underclassmen, the team with the most to gain and the top individual match-ups. They also predict the game's likely winner and eventual MVP.  This is the first of a two-part bowl game preview, covering the first 17 bowl games of the season.

BLITZcast #58: Paging Mr. Robinson:  (#58 on iTunes)  [12/4/08) 73 Minutes. 10 Seconds

- With Chris on the basketball court for another week, Tony and J. R. step it up a notch and dig into the current events of the football world, from the hiring of Lane Kiffin to the firing of Tommy Tuberville.  They address the Plaxico Burress fiasco, the players around whom they would build a franchise, the best commentators in the game, the most intriguing Super Bowl match-ups, and their preferences for the type of franchise that they would support.  Listen for all this and much more!

BLITZcast #57: Forgettable and Forgotten  (#57 on iTunes)  [11/27/08) 70 Minutes. 57 Seconds

- Tony and JR attempt to go it alone for the first time in months and find that they had much to discuss aside from their love of the Steelers.  They explore the current state of the NFL playoff race, the positions in the 2009 Draft that could see a run like the Offensive Tackles in 2008, the best Quarterbacks and Running Backs in the NFL not named Brady, Manning, LT, or Steven Jackson, as well as the 1-loss teams that should receive consideration for the National Title.

BLITZcast #56: Audible Differences  (#56 on iTunes)  [11/20/08) 87 Minutes. 54 Seconds

- J.R., Tony and Chris talk about the latest news and rumors regarding coaching opportunities, returning players and requested releases; before moving on to naming the players who made the biggest mistakes by returning for their senior seasons, the ACC, polarizing prospects, the most disappointing rookies and gameday rituals.  In the middle of all that they take some time out to answer listener questions.

BLITZcast #55: PSU's Broken Heartland  (#55 on iTunes)  [11/13/08) 90 Minutes. 49 Seconds

- Tony, Chris and J.R. talk about the demise of Penn State's national championship aspirations, the best prospects on bad teams, which positions are the easiest and hardest to come in and play as a rookie in the NFL and which positions are the strongest and weakness in this draft class.  The guys also discuss the potential rookie salary's scale's existence scaring a record number of underclassmen into the draft and attempt to name them.  Things wrap up with Tony giving his wide receiver rankings. 

BLITZcast #54: Hello And Goodbye  (#54 on iTunes)  [11/6/08) 78 Minutes. 09 Seconds

- Chris, Tony and J.R. spend a quick moment at the top of the show talking about the elections and say goodbye to author Michael Crichton.  They then move into handing out their mid-season NFL awards, talk about the biggest Hall of Fame snubs, the best places to eat on gameday, underclassmen who have dramatically boosted their stock this year and teams who could be worked into the Big 10 to make a 12 team league.  The show wraps up with J.R. giving his senior running back rankings. 

BLITZcast #53: Role Reversals  (#53 on iTunes)  [10/30/08) 86 Minutes. 23 Seconds

- For the first time in more than a month, Tony, J.R. and Chris are back together for a regular show.  The guys spend time at the top of the show talking movies, old school rap and bad TV shows before moving up to discussing which top NCAA teams have the toughest roads to major bowls, which unlikely first round picks will be surprise pro-bowlers down the road, they also name players they think deserve more national attention.  The show wraps up with Tony giving his quarterback rankings. 

BLITZcast #52: BLITZcast's Birthday - Part One / Part Two  (#52 on iTunes)  [10/23/08)

- Our special one-year anniversary show was so big we had to break it into two parts.  Part One finds Tony, Chris and J.R. discussing how the site has changed the way we watch football, the things we were most wrong about this year and they predict the big stories we'll be talking about this time next year.  The first half wraps up with the boys running through a one round mock draft.  In Part Two we talk to a number of special guests including Jacksonville Jaguar rookie Quentin Groves,  former co-hosts Mario Hines, Mike Massimini, Alex Khvatov and Gary Citrone, then we wrap things up talking with J.R's brother NFL player Junior Glymph. 

BLITZcast #51: The BCS Busters  (#51 on iTunes)  [10/16/08) 74 Minutes. 05 Seconds

- Tony, J.R. and Chris once again welcome a guest co-host this week, in the form of Chiefs columnist Lloyd Baskett.  The guys talk about Tommy Bowden's departure from Clemson and other coaches who could be on the outs, NCAA teams which are surprising (both good and bad), players who are seeing their stock rise, players who will find themselves over-drafted and of course Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard in Ironman 2. 

BLITZcast #50: Reservations About Reggie  (#50 on iTunes)  [10/9/08) 89 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- Chris, J.R. and Tony are joined by Cowboys team columnist Joseph Terrell this week.  The guys discuss Reggie Bush and if his worth to the Saints matches the value expected of his draft status, the dominance of the NFC East, the biggest surprises thus far in the season, which NCAA teams have helped themselves the most recruiting-wise, the most NFL ready prospects, the biggest boom or bust guys and much more. 

BLITZcast #49: From Duo To Quartet  (#49 on iTunes)  [10/2/08) 87 Minutes. 41 Seconds

- Tony re-joins Chris and J.R. this week, then three becomes four as Houston Texans columnist Ed Marcinkiewicz guest hosts.  The guys talk about NCAA and NFL teams that have reason to be panicked, they name their Heisman front-runners, the impact of Gene Upshaw's death and players who could end up being surprise first round picks. 

BLITZcast #48: The Powerless Rankings  (#48 on iTunes)  [9/25/08) 85 Minutes. 42 Seconds

- Chris and J.R. talk about NCAA players who aren't living up to their hype and they flip that around and name their breakout players so far.  As well as discussing the players who are most likely to enter to 2009 draft early, if Mike Teel should have been suspended and the senior defensive end class.  The guys also rank their top 10 worst teams in the NFL today. 

BLITZcast #47: Seriously, Duke Robinson?  (#47 on iTunes)  [9/18/08) 82 Minutes. 43 Seconds

- Chris and J.R. are joined by Tony after he was away for a few weeks.  The trio discuss which players big statistics won't translate to NFL success, which one year wonders could find themselves being high selections in this upcoming draft, how the USC defense would fare if allowed to stay together and grow as a unit in the NFL and why Tony believes Duke Robinson could be the third pick overall.

BLITZcast #46: Number 46, Take 2  (#46 on iTunes)  [9/11/08) 69 Minutes. 49 Seconds

- In a special BLITZcast double-dip this week, J.R. and Chris fight through some technical issues before moving forward to talk about the most disappointing NCAA players this year, players who have proved us wrong, the mess that is the Notre Dame program, the joke that is the NCAA's celebration rule and they close out the show with predictions for week 3.

BLITZcast #45: It's Mass-tastic  (#45 on iTunes)  [9/9/08) 85 Minutes. 30 Seconds

- Chris is joined by his old pal Mike Massimini in this edition of BLITZcast.  The pair talk about the latest news from around the NFL and review the goings-on in week one including naming their rookie of the week and player of the week.  They also talk week one disappointments and game of the week before turning their attention to picking the winner of each division/conference and predicting awards winners.  The show wraps up with Mike giving his fantasy football picks for week two.    

BLITZcast #44: Football's Back  (#44 on iTunes)  [9/4/08) 68 Minutes. 55 Seconds

- It's football time once again!  Chris and J.R. talk quickly about Sarah Palin and how they've changed their opinions in the past few days before getting into the good stuff.  They discuss the latest news involving Tatum Bell, Steve Smith, Beanie Wells and more.  The name the players who helped and hurt themselves the most during week one, which freshman made the biggest impressions and coaches on the hot seat.

BLITZcast #43: Badass or Dumbass  (#43 on iTunes)  [8/28/08) 80 Minutes. 45 Seconds

- Chris, Tony and J.R. talk about Shawne Merriman's decision to play with multiple ligament tears, review a number of recently made college football starting quarterback choices, talk about players who have the most to prove (and the most to lose) next season, they give their choices for next year's NCAA leading rusher and wrap things up with the best match-ups of week 1.

BLITZcast #42: Remembering Hang Time  (#42 on iTunes)  [8/21/08) 99 Minutes. 39 Seconds

- Chris, Tony and JR engage in a strangely football heavy podcast this week with topics including Junes Jones dropping Justin Willis down the team's depth chart, a Michigan recruit re-thinking things, the magical journey that is the career of Troy Smith as well as a football nomad finally finding a home.  Following that they get into the SEC and give their team-by-team breakdown of the conference.

BLITZcast #41: Glymph Master Fresh  (#41 on iTunes)  [8/15/08) 109 Minutes. 30 Seconds

- J.R. and Tony have Chris back with them this week.  The guys discuss things like JR's previous life as a rapper in the Dirty South, why Josh Smith would bother signing the offer sheet from Memphis, the Reds trade of Adam Dunn and the wonder that is nudity in foreign films before moving onto their preview of the Pac-10.

BLITZcast #40: Brett and Joe  (#40 on iTunes)  [8/8/08) 83 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- In the #40th edition of Blitzcast, Tony and J. R. spend a great deal of time venting their frustration with Joe Paterno, lamenting the overexposure of Brett Favre, and dissecting the actual news from the filler that passes as news during the preseason.  Their Big Ten preview discusses whether or not the conference is on the decline, who could surprise this year, and which players should remain on the lips of fans.

BLITZcast #39: In Welbourn We Trust (#39 on iTunes)  [7/31/08) 72 Minutes. 25 Seconds

- In the 39th installment of BLITZcast, Tony and J. R. discuss the latest training camp happening, the future of John Welbourn's career, Tony's lack of a suitable dwelling, and Casey Hampton's weight issues before getting into the official preview of the Big East.  Listen to hear where the duo predicts that each of the teams will fall.  Tune in next week for the much-anticipated Big Ten preview.  

BLITZcast #38: Twelve Is The Magic Number (#38 on iTunes)  [7/24/08) 99 Minutes. 06 Seconds

- This time around, J.R. and Tony re-join Chris after a week away.  The guys open up with a discussion about Vern Troyer's recent film before moving on to the latest happenings in the National Football League.  They wrap things up by continuing along in their NCAA 2008 season preview by breaking down each team in the Big 12 conference. 

BLITZcast #37: No Respect For Harper Lee (#37 on iTunes)  [7/14/08) 52 Minutes. 28 Seconds

- Chris Horwedel is joined by Randolph-Macon offensive lineman, and old friend, Gary Citrone.  The pair discuss their anticipation of "The Dark Knight", Gary's car breaking down and the enigma that is Matt Stanczak; before moving on to a quick getting to know Gary segment in which Chris asks Gary the "Inside the Actors Studio" questions and general Randolph-Macon trivia. 

BLITZcast #36: General Disturbances (#36 on iTunes)  [7/10/08) 96 Minutes. 38 Seconds

- J.R., Tony and Chris open the show by talk about Elton Brand signing with the 76ers, Rich Harden traded to the Cubs and Will Smith trading his dignity for a strong 4th of July opening.  After that they talk about the latest crime wave in college football and they round out the show with the first of their conference previews, this week it's the ACC.

BLITZcast #35: George Thorogood=AFL MVP  (#35 on iTunes)  [7/3/08) 72 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- Tony and JR celebrate the 35th effort in BLITZcast history by summing up the recent legal troubles of Derrick Martin, Brandon Keith, and Najeh Davenport.  They also rank the NFL's best by position, discuss the value of the Arena League, pontificate upon the possibility of a Brett Favre return, debate the likelihood of a Rookie Wage Scale, and much more.  

BLITZcast #34: The Importance Of Being Alonzo Jackson  [6/26/08) 68 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- Tony and J. R. return to discuss drafting triumphs and miscues of the teams in the AFC East.  The boys debate the virtue of The Happening,  the significance of color commentators to the level of enjoyment of NFL Football, the mark left on history by the XFL, the value of current NFL Offensive Linemen, the best Defensive Tackles in the 2009 class, and much more.  

BLITZcast #33: The Tao of Ice-T  [6/19/08) 69 Minutes. 56 Seconds

- With Chris on a basketball-based sabbatical, Tony and J. R. keep Blitzcast rolling by analyzing J. R.'s dealings with the Hispanic contingency in Atlanta, Tony's experiences in the Baltimore City School System, the highs and lows of the AFC North's drafts, the best of the 2009 Defensive End class, and much more.  

BLITZcast #32: Comings And Goings  [6/12/08) 85 Minutes. 12 Seconds

- Tony returns and finally the team's back together again as he joins Chris and J.R.  The guys open up by talking about some recent movie viewings and films that they're able to identify with for various reasons.  After that they move onto the breaking down the AFC South's teams drafts and looking at non top-25 NCAA teams who could make the list this season.  They wrap up by previewing the 2009 center class.

BLITZcast #31: Defense With A Bedpost  [6/5/08) 69 Minutes. 22 Seconds

- Tony is away this week, but in his place J.R. joins Chris and the pair talk things going on in the NFL such as Terrell's new contract, Noah's self defense practices and players skipping voluntary workouts.  After that we learn about J.R.'s football history, including his days playing at South Carolina and move on to reviewing the AFC West division team's drafts.  They wrap up by looking at the 2009 Offensive Guard class.

BLITZcast #30: Where Art Thou J.R.?  [5/29/08) 91 Minutes. 57 Seconds

- Where, oh where, has our J.R. Glymph gone?  Where, oh where can he be?  The would-be trio drops back to it's usual duo status for the 30th show.  Tony and Chris talk about Marisa Tomei nude scenes and the latest in the movie world before turning their attention to Joe Paterno's latest complaints, breaking down each team's draft in the NFC East and previewing the 2009 offensive tackle class. 

BLITZcast #29: Gun-Wielding Wideouts  [5/22/08) 82 Minutes. 01 Seconds

- Chris returns this week as he and Tony talk about politics to open the show before moving into a quick chat about some of the recent movies they've seen and then on to the world of football including those fragile Cottam boys, screwed up wide receivers and a review of the NFC North division team's drafts.  They close the show by ranking the top tight ends for the 2009 draft.  

BLITZcast #28: The Off-Season Void  [5/15/08) 70 Minutes. 59 Seconds

- Tony welcomes J. R. Glymph to the 28th version of BLITZcast.  The two diehard Steeler fans discuss the void left in the sports world until training camp starts, the strengths and weaknesses of the drafts of NFC South teams, the top Fullbacks and Wide Receivers in the 2009 class. and much more.  

BLITZcast #27: Perriloux's Strike Two  [5/8/08) 69 Minutes. 20 Seconds

- Chris and Tony are back this week as things begin to settle down following the draft.  The guys are happy to move at a slower pace.  They talk recent movies like Harold and Kumar, Ironman and Leatherheads before moving into discussing Karl "the statutory rapist" Malone, Ryan Perriloux leaving LSU and breaking down the NFC West team's drafts.  They finish up by talking about the 2009 running back class. 

BLITZcast #26: Live from a Subway  [5/1/08) 122 Minutes. 50 Seconds

- Chris, Tony and Alex take a look back on the recent NFL Draft.  The guys go pick by pick through the first round and discuss each pick.  After that they go on to list the picks that they consider to be the best and worst of each of the 7 rounds (as well as disagree with each other's choices).  The trio wrap up with the start of their 2009 draft day as they list their top quarterbacks for next year. 

BLITZcast #25: Memories of Drafts Past  [4/24/08) 71 Minutes. 53 Seconds

- With Chris busy pointing the final touches on our Draft Guide, Tony is joined by J. R. Glymph and Alex Khvatov to discuss the “smokescreens” that have come out for the draft.  They will also discuss how low some players could actually fall in the draft, what current players will see their futures affected by the draft, and share some memories of drafts past. 

BLITZcast #24: Late Round Keepers  [4/17/08) 86 Minutes. 27 Seconds

- Chris and Tony take a run through the first round and list three possible scenarios for each selection. They answer reader questions on things like top run blocking offensive tackles, special teams players and casting a "Police Academy" remake. They finish up by naming late round players who they think can help an NFL team.

BLITZcast #23: Joe and Chad  [4/10/08) 102 Minutes. 08 Seconds

- Chris and Tony are back together this week, in what can best be described as an... interesting show.  The guys spend a lot of time answering reader questions on topics ranging from the better pro: Flacco or Henne, the best returnmen available in this class, their favorite and least favorites movies of the year and more as well as discussing which players have moved up or down a round recently and much more. 

BLITZcast #22: Best Drafting Organizations  [4/3/08) 67 Minutes. 01 Seconds

- J.R. Glymph returns to the show this week to join Tony, as Chris had other obligations.  J.R. and Tony talk about the top five running backs and where they could end up, which teams are the best overall drafting organizations, they compare this year's draft class to modern day NFL players, talk about the rookie's madden rankings, which players have the "experts" the most polarized and more.  

BLITZcast #21: The Return of Hines  [3/27/08) 67 Minutes. 32 Seconds

- When the parents are away, the kids will play.  That's what happens this week as Tony's away in Pittsburgh and Robert Morris wide receiver Mario Hines returns to co-host with Chris.  Mario provides a number of interesting perspectives that could only come from a college athlete.  They also talk about the NCAA basketball tournament, who Mario would take #1 in the NFL draft and stripping for charity (seriously).  

BLITZcast #20: Suspensions are Forthcoming  [3/20/08) 78 Minutes. 40 Seconds

- For the big 20th show, Chris and Tony are joined by J.R. Glymph and Alex Khavtov.  The guys run through a number of most likely / least likely questions such as the players they think will be the least likely to live up to expectations, the most likely to prove his doubters wrong, the most likely to be suspended within 3 years and much more along those lines. 

BLITZcast #19: Pro-Day Recaps  [3/13/08) 62 Minutes. 37 Seconds

- Tony and Chris take a look back at the past couple weeks of pro day workouts and let you know who's helped themselves and who has embarrassed themselves further.  They also answer five reader emails on topics ranging from the Kentucky Wildcats to the Buffalo Bills to this year's Marques Colston.  The guys finish up the show this week looking at the likely landing spots for the top five running backs. 

BLITZcast #18: Combine Superstars  [3/6/08) 62 Minutes. 24 Seconds

- Chris returns after a few weeks away and joins Tony to talk about which combine performers will see their stock rise or fall once teams go back and watch more tape, They take a look at free agency so far and list the moves that surprised them the most, they talk teams that could need quarterbacks and what'll happen to the top QB prospects as well as talking about the best and worst player interviews they've done.  

BLITZcast #17: Thoughts of an Average Joe  [2/28/08) 64 Minutes. 53 Seconds

- J.R. Glymph steps in once again for Chris Horwedel this week and he joins Tony Conty to talk about what's been going on with their beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, the average fan's opinion of what happened at the combine, the get deep into the process of the scouting combine and talk about who helped themselves and who hurt themselves in the NFL's ultimate job interview. 

BLITZcast #16: Over-Valued Accolades  [2/21/08) 56 Minutes. 24 Seconds

- Tony welcomes J.R. Glymph as his co-host this week since Chris was away due to previous obligations. As you'd expect from the new duo, they spend a lot of time talking mock draft. They also bond of a shared love for the Steelers, talk about the value; or lack there-of of the Pro Bowl, franchised players and much more

BLITZcast #15: The Gambles  [2/14/08) 84 Minutes. 23 Seconds

- Tony and Chris go all over this week talking about the official end of the writer's strike, a baseball signing, Jason Kidd being traded and Alec Baldwin's parenting among other topics.  Football wise the two discuss the Oakland Raiders options in the draft, which players will be the biggest gambles of the draft, they give their top 31 prospects as well as talk a bit about Reggie Bush.  Then, the moment we've all be waiting for, Tony brings down the house with his kicker rankings. 

BLITZcast #14: Our Biggest Faux Paxs  [2/7/08) 82 Minutes. 36 Seconds

- Things go back to normal this week as Chris and Tony go back to being a duo.  The boys talk about the end of the writer's strike, their favorite guilty pleasure movies, actors they think can become a-list stars and then some football in the form of Super Bowl chatter, answering listener questions, their biggest faux pax's related to the draft, who needs to get beefy at the combine and Tony gives his safety rankings.

BLITZcast #13: Senior Bowl Recaps  [1/31/08) 101 Minutes. 21 Seconds

- Another week, another guest co-host, this time Chris and Tony are joined by Paul Banks.  The trio discuss Tony's artic plunge and subsequent illness, the latest goings on with former Heisman trophy winner Eric Crouch, The good and bad of the Penn State program and a player threatening to blow up his school.  In addition to that Tony and Paul both take a team in effort to review the senior bowl and how it effected player stocks.  We also get Conty's cornerback rankings. 

BLITZcast #12: Shrine Game Ramblings  [1/24/08) 109 Minutes. 23 Seconds

- Tony and Chris are joined by Alex Khvatov this this week, and the three spend a huge amount of time talking about this past weekend's East/West Shrine Game.  They go position by position as Tony breaks down the East team and Alex the West.  The three also discuss the top 20 seniors for 2009, what the Falcons could be looking to do in the draft (and beyond), how the UCLA Bruins managed to hire better coaches then the Baltimore Ravens did, They answer listener questions and Tony shares his OLB rankings.

BLITZcast #11: Last of the Underclassmen  [1/17/08) 79 Minutes. 56 Seconds

- Given the lack of national media attention they received, the boys assume that America has turned to them for coverage of the recent Golden Globes, so they take some time at the top to review what happened.  Once they turn to football they talk about the last of the underclassmen to declare, who made the best and worst decisions by going pro, The disappointing 2004 recruiting class, they break down the Cactus and Hula bowls and Tony gives his inside linebacker rankings.

BLITZcast #10: From Rodriguez, With Love  [1/10/08) 104 Minutes. 52 Seconds

- The boys spend a lot of time at the top talking about the pool of underclassmen to unleash themselves into the NFL draft in the past week.  They also talk how to renew interest in the BCS, they break down the last of the bowl games, talk about Rich Rodriguez's effect on the Michigan exodus and June June's reasons for leaving the Aloha state.  Chris also asks the "Inside the Actor's Studio" questions and Tony gives his defensive tackle rankings.  

BLITZcast #9: Bowl Game Analysis  [1/3/08) 118 Minutes. 37 Seconds

- Tony and Chris return after a break for the Holidays, but make up for the week off with the longest podcast to date so far.  After talking about the Holidays, movies and TV for a while the guys get down to breaking down each of the bowl games so far and what they've taken away from them.  After the bowl game breakdown Tony gives his defensive end rankings and we find the pair have very different thoughts of how that position shakes out.

BLITZcast #8: It's Mankato, not Mankusa  [12/20/07) 78 Minutes. 07 Seconds

- Chris and Tony are joined by Minnesota State defensive back Michael Hinton this week.  The three talk about things like what they thought of Will Smith's "I Am Legend", Rich Rodriquez leaving West Virginia for Michigan and the ramifications for both teams, Why there have been so few underclassmen declaring so far, Which NFL rookies have been the most surprising and which later round picks can turn into rookie playmakers in 2008.  Also Chris (the Eagles fan) and Mike (the Cowboys fan) "discuss" last weekends game as well and Tony gives his center rankings. 

BLITZcast #7: Miami is on the Clock  [12/13/07) 93 Minutes. 56 Seconds

- Our heroes are back together after a week apart.  This time around Chris and Tony talk about the pain Chris has had to endure thanks to the evil Apple cooperation and his iPhone woes, they also talk about what's going to happen now the the Dolphins are a sure thing to get the first pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the differences between Troy Smith and Chase Daniel, which bowl games are worth watching and which can be skipped by the casual fan and players who hurt their "prospect" status thanks to disappointing campaigns.  As well as Tony sharing his guard rankings and the guys going a little further into bowl game predictions. 

BLITZcast #6: Hines, Mario Hines  [12/6/07) 71 Minutes. 31 Seconds

- Tony had a previous obligation, but fret not draft fans, Chris isn't doing a solo act by any means as he's joined by Robert Morris wide receiver, the man behind the journal, the always entertaining and outgoing Mario Hines.  The pair talk about anything and everything from bootleg copies of American Gangster, to the Philadelphia Eagles and they're unsung star Brian Westbrook, to what had to have been the craziest season of college football ever.  Mario also tells us why he thinks Cal's DeSean Jackson will turn pro and the guys invite Georgia's Mark Richt and Ohio State's Jim Tressel to bring their teams and play in the Horwedel/Hines Championship game, so we can crown a real college football champion.

BLITZcast #5: Les is Pissed  [11/30/07) 97 Minutes. 36 Seconds

- Sometimes there's just more to talk about, and that's the case in the latest edition of the podcast, which is also the longest podcast to date.  This time around the guys talk about things like the future of the Terminator film franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles trade demands for quarterback Donovan McNabb, Les Miles anger about the possibility of Georgia playing in the BCS Championship game, Joe Paterno's salary, How Missouri stacks up, Players who could be surprise first round picks and a ton more.

BLITZcast #4: Herschel vs. Spurrier  [11/22/07) 74 Minutes. 28 Seconds

- Tony and a very under-the-weather Chris check back in on this Thanksgiving version of the podcast and talk about things like the most recent movies they've seen, Herschel Walker challenging Steve Spurrier to a fight, who will come out of the Pac-10 as the champion, Tim Tebow's Heisman chances, Glen Mason potentially taking over the head coaching job at Nebraska and a lot more.  Also, for a second week in a row, Chris admits he was wrong about something he said last podcast, this time it's the Arizona/Oregon game. 

BLITZcast #3: Go Big 12, Go!  [11/16/07) 89 Minutes. 26 Seconds

- Chris and Tony return this week in what ends up being a super-sized edition of the podcast.  The boys talk about a number of things such as Presidential Politics, the writer's strike, highly ranked players they simply don't believe in, the Big 12 having 3 teams in the top 10, the real Michigan and much, much more.  Chris also admits to being wrong about Joe Ganz and Tony gives his wide receiver ratings.

BLITZcast #2: A Second Chance to Make a First Impression  [11/9/07) 51 Minutes. 17 Seconds

- NFL Draft Blitz's own Chris Horwedel and Tony Conty return for a second time (Granted it's the first time the podcast recorded correctly) to talk about a wide variety of things including Tony's love for Annette Benning, What's wrong with Nebraska, What to do with Dennis Franchione, Which players translate the best to 3-4 OLBs and much more.