Diamonds in the Rough

Updated - 9-19-12

By: Alex Kozora


While the Matt Barkley’s of the world get all the press throughout the year, it’s important not to forget about the smaller name guys that could be the gems of the 2013 draft. During the season, we’ll focus on the following players at the FCS level below and uncover those diamonds in the rough. 


Brad Sorensen/QB Southern Utah – 6’5, 230

8-30 at Utah St: 12/31, 153 yards, 1 INT

Sorensen has immediately drawn comparisons to Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger because of his size, but he should be likened more to another AFC North quarterback, Joe Flacco. Sorensen did get off to a rough start, failing to complete his first five or six passes. But he settled in after that and really shined the rest of the game even in a bad loss. Even though I’ve only watched a few quarterbacks in this young season, he’s arguably going to have the strongest arm in the class. He showed good touch and ball placement, leading a receiver on one “out” route from the far hash. He showed accuracy on the move coupled with a quick internal clock and a quick release. Sorensen has complete control of the offense, running everything from empty set to the I-Formation. The only other consistent concern outside of the shaky beginning was him taking his eyes off the field when the pocket started to break down. But all in all, don’t pay attention to the stat line, it was a good start.


Eric Kush/OT Cal (PA) – 6’4, 305

9-15 at Edinboro

Kush did a nice job getting out of his stance with explosion and overall, moves well laterally. He gets his arms extended and has a good enough first punch. The Vulcan gets proper leverage in the run game and can generate a push. He usually won once he locked on. However, he played too high at times and may be opening the gate too early off the snap.


Terren Jones/OT Alabama St – 6’7, 320 

9-2 at Bethune-Cookman

Jones is a huge body with long arms. He’s predictably strong in the run game and wins once he’s able to lock on. He was also a better cut blocker than I anticipated, cutting a defensive back five yards downfield on a screen. But Jones struggled mightily in pass protection. He was an awful waist bender that constantly doubled over, leading him to routinely getting beat. He seems to play on his heels too much in pass protection and overall, has poor weight distribution.


Keith Pough/OLB Howard – 6’3, 225

9-8 at Rutgers: 9 tackles, 2 TFL

I only watched the first half but still got insight into Pough. He’s a lanky kid but has a frame to grow into. A fast, fluid athlete, Pough possesses quality closing speed and is relentless in his backside pursuit against the run. He’s a reliable tackler who despite his lankiness, will challenge and attack any running back. But as mentioned, he lacks bulk and can get washed out against the run when tackles get their hands on him. He has trouble staying square to the ball and will disappear at times.


9-15 at Norfolk St: 9 tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1 sack

It was more of the same for Pough the following week. He is rangy and looked fluid in coverage, dropping into a ton of hook zones. He is a big-play, momentum changer as he racked up his 63rd tackle for loss in his career. He again proved to be a solid tackler that will not miss. He got more chances to be used as a pass rusher and did pick up a sack, but he mainly used just a speed rush. His sack came as a result of being unblocked. I was curious how he would hold up against the run but because Norfolk St got down early, they rarely ran so it was difficult to tell.   



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