Recent Scouting Reports

Alex Khvatov, Jonathan Mack and the rest of the NFL Draft Blitz team takes a look at the top prospects for this draft and breaks them down.

- Jay Ajayi (RB) Boise State
- Todd Gurley (RB) Georgia
- Karlos Williams (RB) Florida State
- Tevin Coleman (RB) Indiana
- T.J. Yeldon (RB) Alabama
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2016 Mock Draft

Here you'll find our latest projection of what could happen when the 2015 NFL Draft kicks off in Chicago this year.

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Recent Player Interviews

Alex Khvatov, Sanjay Kirpalani and Lou Montagna chat with some of the top players from all over the college football landscape.

- Alonzo Russell (WR) Toledo
- Jalen Whitlow (QB) Eastern Illinois
- John Robertson (QB) Villanova
- Eric Rawls (CB) Kentucky State
- Larry Butler III (LB) Southern Nazarene

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Reader Poll
Top QB
Who is the top QB in next year's draft?

Connor Cook (Michigan State)
Christian Hackenberg (Penn State)
Jared Goff (Cal)
Gunner Kiel (Cincinnati)
Cardale Jones (Ohio State)


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