Josh Jarboe Interview
Sr / Arkansas State / WR

Updated - 3-24-13

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?

Josh Jarboe:  I am 6’2, 203 right now.  I run a 4.43. 


Alex Khvatov:  What other sports did you play besides football? 

Josh Jarboe:  I am a former track guy.  I ran the 200 and the 400 meters.        


Alex Khvatov:  What schools recruited you when you were coming out of high school?

Josh Jarboe:  Everybody was after me.  Georgia, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma and Texas.


Alex Khvatov:  Why did you choose Oklahoma?        

Josh Jarboe:  At the time, I wanted to play right away.  Malcolm Kelly left Oklahoma, and that spot was open.  Florida had Percy Harvin at the time.  I knew that Julio (Jones) was going to Alabama and A.J. (Green) was going to Georgia.       


Alex Khvatov:  What have you learned from your past mistakes?  

Josh Jarboe:  I just learned how to live.  I learned what I have to do.  Football has taught me a lot about life.  It taught me how to look at things and how hard I have to work for it.  Football is a job, and it is something that you have to work at. 


Alex Khvatov:  Describe your career at Arkansas State to us. 

Josh Jarboe:  I had two different coaches.  Coach Freeze and Coach Malzahn were good to me.  I think that it was a good career.  I played well.


Alex Khvatov:  Tell me about your experience at the 2013 Raycom All-Star Game.

Josh Jarboe:  It was a great experience.  I learned a lot from the coaches.  The coaches were great.  They showed us how to run the drills and the routes.  It was a good thing.          

Alex Khvatov:
  What are your strengths?

Josh Jarboe:  I can get off the press.  I am hard to handle in man to man coverage.  I can go deep.    I am a tall target.  I can run.           


Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game are you trying to improve upon?

Josh Jarboe:  I am trying to improve getting in and out of my breaks.  I am trying to run crisper routes.  I want to improve my speed.  I want to improve my all-around game in order to make it in the NFL. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your career up to this point?

Josh Jarboe:  It is just me learning from my past experiences.  The highlight is just me being successful and graduating.


Alex Khvatov:  Tell me about your teammate QB Ryan Aplin.

Josh Jarboe:  He is a good guy.  They want to knock him down because of his size.  He has good size to me.  He has a good arm.  He is good on his feet.  He can run and throw. 


Alex Khvatov:  What do you enjoy the most about playing football?

Josh Jarboe:  I have been doing this all of my life.  I have been playing football since I have been four years old.  It is a free sport.  You get to talk a little bit.  You get to be competitive.  My number one goal is to make it in the NFL.  Football is what made me go to school.  It is what kept me in school.  Football is everything to me. 


Alex Khvatov:  Which underclassmen on your team should we keep an eye on in the future?

Josh Jarboe:  WR J.D. McKissic, RB David Oku, RB Frankie Jackson and WR Tres Houston.


Alex Khvatov:  What is your favorite NFL team?

Josh Jarboe:  I check out everybody.  I don’t have a favorite team.  I am from Atlanta, so I love my home team.  But I don’t have a favorite. 


Alex Khvatov:  Which NFL player would you compare your game to?

Josh Jarboe:  I would say Randy Moss.  I can run and jump just like him. 


Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?

Josh Jarboe:  I play video games. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is the feedback that you have received from scouts and coaches?

Josh Jarboe:  They told me to keep doing what I have been doing the last couple of years.  They told me to keep working on my game. 


Alex Khvatov:  Where are you training for the NFL Draft?

Josh Jarboe:  I am here in Tampa at Cooper Sports.  I just came here after the all-star game. 


Alex Khvatov:  What do you plan to do with your life after your football career is over?

Josh Jarboe:  I got my degree in psychology.  I like to talk to people.    


Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, Josh Jarboe is ….

Josh Jarboe:  A strong person on and off the field.  I am passionate and quiet on the field.  Off the field, I am cool and laid back.


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