Kyle Van Noy Interview
Sr. / BYU / LB

Updated - 2-1-14

By: Sanjay Kirpalani


Sanjay Kirpalani:  You are now kind of a jack-of-all-trades at linebacker. Do you think that will help you be more appealing to more NFL teams?
Kyle Van Noy:  Thank you.  Yeah, it’s a positive.  I try to make it a positive if someone takes it as a negative.  I might not be phenomenal at every single spot, but I feel like I can do everything at a high level no matter where I lineup.  I feel like teams really like that type of versatility because it also shows up on special teams as well.  I can be on punt return, kickoff return and really any situation on special teams.  I think that it helps my teammates as well because I’m able to rush the passer but still have the skills necessary to do other things. 
Sanjay Kirpalani:  How much did you drop into coverage in college?
Kyle Van Noy:  A lot.  This year, I dropped the majority of the time.  I’d say around 70 percent of the time.  Last year, I rushed around 70 percent of the time.  It varied each year, but all in all, I did a lot of both.   My statistics will show that I did a lot of both and made plays against the run, in pass coverage and with my sacks when I rushed the passer.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Did you primarily rush standing up?
Kyle Van Noy:  Yeah, I was standing up.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Did you ever do anything with your hand on the ground?
Kyle Van Noy:  No, I never did anything with my hand on the ground.  We ran nickel with two outside linebackers that were standing up during most of my career.  So I was already rushing from a two-point stance.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Have you met with every team yet?
Kyle Van Noy:  No, but it’s still early.  I’m patiently waiting for everybody and I want to get my chance to show them who I really am.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Who’s your agent?
Kyle Van Noy:  Justin Schulman and Dave Dunn with Athletes First.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  What’s the main thing you want to show scouts about your game?
Kyle Van Noy:  Everything.  Physicality, toughness, high motor and good leadership.  I want to show everything.  I want to be able to show them that I love the game and make them feel like I can contribute to their team.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  I see you’ve lined up at various spots this week, is there a specific role you feel more comfortable with?
Kyle Van Noy:  I feel like I can play any position.  If I get the proper time and put in the work necessary to learn what my coaches are trying to teach me, especially at the next level where it’s football 24/7, I feel like I can play any position if I just work at it.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Is there anyone at BYU we should be looking at who could be at the Senior Bowl next year or a few years down the line?
Kyle Van Noy:  For me, I feel like the free safety Craig Bills and maybe a couple of our corners, our running back Jamal Williams, as well as our quarterback Taysom Hill.  You know Taysom, he rushed for over 1,000 yards and I think he threw for over 2,500 yards.  But he wasn’t really talked about a lot because there were so many college quarterbacks who came out this year.  I feel like people need to watch out for him.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Ziggy (Ansah) obviously did a lot of work for himself down here last year.  Did you talk to him about that at all?
Kyle Van Noy:  (Chuckles).  It’s funny that you ask me that because I’m the one who kind of taught him how to play football.  So, that was in a lot of stories.  I’m the one who taught him how to put on his pads and everything.  I talk to Ziggy all the time, and he told me to just enjoy the process of the Senior Bowl.  He said it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to compete against the best players in the country.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  What type of feedback have you gotten from teams so far in these meetings?

Kyle Van Noy:  You know, I’m not really going to get into it because I feel like that’s between me and those teams.  I just know that all 32 teams are looking.
Sanjay Kirpalani:  This year, your numbers were down, but it looked like BYU was using you in different ways.  You were dropping more into coverage instead of rushing the passer.  Was that kind of by design?
Kyle Van Noy:  Yeah, I think a lot of teams ran the ball away from me this year, and it was designed to go away from me.  I take that as a compliment, though.  I feel like that’s why I got a lot more double teams and triple teams, and that freed up other players.  So if you look at the stats of our middle backer, he had the second most tackles in the country, mainly because he was free to flow to the ball. 
Sanjay Kirpalani:  Do you think the tape is going to show that you had just as good of a senior year as you did your junior season?
Kyle Van Noy:  Yeah, I feel like if people go back and watch the tape, there are good things I did throughout the year.  If people who know football are watching the tape, I think they will understand the process of my senior year.


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