Nigel Malone Interview
Sr / Cornerback / Kansas State

Updated - 4-22-13

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?

Nigel Malone:  Height is 5’10 ½, 184 and my forty time was somewhere between a 4.46 and a 4.50.    


Alex Khvatov:  What schools recruited you when you were coming out of high school?

Nigel Malone:  I didn’t have any offers coming out of high school.  I had offers to walk on at Sacramento State and Portland State.    


Alex Khvatov:  Describe your career at the community college in San Francisco?

Nigel Malone:  The coaching staff over there helped me build my confidence.  I used to play receiver for the majority of the time in high school.  When I got to San Francisco, the coaching staff took their time with me.  They helped me with my technique.  I had a great experience in San Francisco.  I met some good guys.  I learned how to play corner.               

Alex Khvatov:  How did you wind up at Kansas State?

Nigel Malone:  You never know which schools will come looking for you unless you are a high profile recruit.  Kansas State came in.  It was kind of far from home.  I was hesitant to go there at first.  But my teammate wound up going with me.  We always wanted to play together and finish our college careers with the same program.  I just felt like it was the best opportunity for me.      


Alex Khvatov:  Tell me about your career at Kansas State.     

Nigel Malone:  It was definitely different.  The whole environment was different.  It was a little bit of a culture shock going to the Midwest.  The program was a lot more disciplined than at a junior college.  It was difficult, but it was good for me.  It helped me grow off the field as well.  It helped me be more disciplined.  I learned how to do everything right on and off the field. 


Alex Khvatov:  Your team had an overall record of 11-2 during the senior season, how were you able to accomplish that feat?   

Nigel Malone:  We felt like we didn’t finish the junior year the way we wanted to.  We didn’t win the Big 12 and lost in the Cotton Bowl.  We had a great leadership environment coming back with guys like Collin Klein and Arthur Brown.  Everybody bought in as far as the off-season work.  Everybody knew their roles.  The goal was to take it as far as we can.  We wanted to win the Big 12 and go to the BCS bowl.  We didn’t win that game, but we are proud of our accomplishments. 


Alex Khvatov:  What makes your head coach Bill Snyder so successful?    

Nigel Malone:  He has a great coaching staff.  My DB coach was a master of X’s and O’s.  He taught me a lot of things about the game that I didn’t know going in.  I learned zone and man schemes and what offenses are trying to do.  He was very professional.  Coach Snyder is a hardnosed guy.  He brings a lot of discipline to the program.  He makes you work hard on the field and sacrificing.  All of that discipline pays off.    


Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths on the football field?

Nigel Malone:  I am a great competitor.  I think that I attack the ball well.  I am smart.  I feel like I am a good cover guy.  A lot of it comes from being in the film room.  I break down offenses and what they like to do.  I just know how to execute my job well.


Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game do you need to improve upon? 

Nigel Malone:  I am not the biggest guy.  I need to get stronger. 


Alex Khvatov:  You were named the defensive MVP at the East/West Shrine Game, tell me that experience.     

Nigel Malone:  I definitely enjoyed the experience.  It was cool.  I met some really good guys.  It was cool to see most guys in person that you hear about on Saturdays.  We are young men striving for the same dream.  It was a cool environment to be in.  The week of practice was pretty chill for us.  We kept it pretty simple as far as the scheme.  We played man and simple cover 3.  I just went out there during the game and did my best.  It was very gratifying to get the MVP of the game.  I went out there and competed against some of the best guys in the country.  It was a fun experience. 


Alex Khvatov:  Which players did you bond with?

Nigel Malone:  Pretty much all of the secondary guys.  We had a couple of guys from the Big 12.  Bradley McDougald from Kansas and Demontre Hurst from Oklahoma.  My roommate was actually a defensive lineman from Vanderbilt.  I met a lot of good guys there. 


Alex Khvatov:  What was the most memorable experience for you at the 2013 Shrine Game? 

Nigel Malone:  On the field, it was the coaching that we got.  It was interesting to compare NFL coaches with college coaches.  Off the field, I really enjoyed the time that we spent with the kids.  It was pretty special.  I didn’t know what to expect going into it.  It was really special to go there and see the smiles on those kids’ faces.  It was definitely the best experience. 


Alex Khvatov:  Which players stood out to you during the week?    

Nigel Malone:  Zeke Motta from Notre Dame stood out to me.  He kind of surprised me a little bit.  He is a longer, big body type of guy.  But he was out there doing press coverage.  He was covering the slot.  It is pretty special for a guy his size to go out there and be as agile as he was. 


Alex Khvatov:  Where are you training for the NFL Draft?

Nigel Malone:  I was training at The Factory in Southern California.  Now I am trying at my junior college.  It is good to be back at home and training with the guys that I have been accustomed to for so long. 


Alex Khvatov:  Were you happy with the results from the Pro day?    

Nigel Malone:  The Pro day was definitely awesome.  It was a little more tiring than I thought it would be because we did events back-to-back-to-back.  I had a pretty good day.  I showed similar results as during my training.  I jumped really well.  I ran fast.  It is something the scouts were looking forward to.  I have heard from a couple of scouts that they had me running the forty at a slower time.  I knew that I would run fast. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your career? 

Nigel Malone:  I would probably say that getting my first Division I offer.  I received it from Arizona after my freshman season at a junior college.  But I couldn’t leave after my freshman year.  I ended up having to go back.  At that point, it just made it even more gratifying.  I had a few more offers after that.  I have put in so much effort into it.  I didn’t have an offer coming out of high school.  It just made me even hungrier.        


Alex Khvatov:  What is your favorite NFL team?    

Nigel Malone:  I am just a fan of the game.  I don’t root for any particular team now.  I did grow up as a Raiders fan. 


Alex Khvatov:  Who is your favorite NFL player?    

Nigel Malone:  I really like Charles Woodson.  He is really versatile.  He can get picks from the slot which is pretty hard to do.  He is definitely someone who I enjoy watching. 


Alex Khvatov:  What will you miss the most about Kansas State?    

Nigel Malone:  I will definitely miss my teammates.  It was a lot of hard work.  They stuck it out with me.  They kept me going. 


Alex Khvatov:  Describe your former teammates QB Collin Klein and LB Arthur Brown.

Nigel Malone:  Both were really humble guys.  People of high profile have some kind of an ego.  These guys are the complete opposite of that.  Collin is definitely a lot more vocal.  Arthur is kind of a quiet leader.  He leads by example.  Collin is someone who will always compete.  He is going to strive towards greatness.  He will give his best every single play. 


Alex Khvatov:  What do you enjoy the most about football?

Nigel Malone:  I like the competition.  It might be a little cliché, but that is why we play the game.  You go out there and see who the best team is.  Your best versus our best. 


Alex Khvatov:  Which underclassman on your team should we keep an eye on in the future?

Nigel Malone:  We lost a lot of guys.  But that program has leadership.  We have young Randall Evans leading them in the secondary.  We have some weapons on offense.  I have been getting a lot of good reports from my young guys.  They are out there working. 


Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?

Nigel Malone:  I like collecting shoes.  I have always had an interest in shoes.  When I got older, it is something that I got into more.  I like the shoes from the Lebron series. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is your definition of a leader? 

Nigel Malone:  It is somebody that can get the most out of their guys while also being a follower.  It is also someone that you can count on. 


Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, Nigel Malone is….

Nigel Malone:  On the field, I am a competitor.  Off-the-field, I am humble.                                                                             


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