Russell Shepard Interview
WR / LSU / Sr.

Updated - 1-17-13

By: Sanjay Kirpalani


Q:  Talk about your effort out there today.
RS:  I had a good practice and made some great catches in one-on-ones.   Had some good team plays as well.  I felt like I got to show my speed and show what I can do downfield. 
Q:  Talk about what scouts want to see from you, and what do you feel you want to work on in your game the most?
RS: Development.  Making tough catches and becoming a complete receiver.  They know I have all the athletic ability in the world, coming from a school like LSU.  Just improving on what I’ve done in the past.  I think they wanted to see me make plays (when the ball is) in the air, and I feel like I did that today. 
Q:  Having played quarterback in high school and different positions in college, do you think your versatility is going to help you at the next level?
RS: I’m doing everything, from blocking to being in the backfield.  At LSU, they prepared me to play all three positions—that’s receiver, quarterback and running back—and I’m willing to do whatever any NFL team asks me to do. 




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